For years, God has led Grace to do things that are beyond us. Things that are cutting edge and outside the box. Only through His leading could these ideas and challenges come to be, much less come to fruition. As we look back on what He’s done, we see His power, provision, and love for all people personified.

Now, He’s revealed something else to us. For the One is all about Jesus. It’s about making sure He gets the first and best of us. It’s about priority and focus. It’s about all the work He’s called us to do as a church, with an external focus on mental health.

As we embark on something new, we remain on our knees trusting God’s power, provision and plan to bring For the One to life. He’s leading us into new spaces and new work. These callings will expand our minds and hearts for Christ. In short, we will all be changed.

As He calls us, He will show us who He wants us to help, and how. He will show us how to care for His church and those who haven’t yet seen the fullness of His love. Through radical love and generosity, we will show them God is real. We can make a difference in families, in our city and in the world for generations to come.

God’s not finished, so we’re not finished.


In all the years of Kingdom impact through Grace Church, we believe God is calling us now into something bigger than ever. More challenging. More God sized. Even bigger stakes. For years, God has been preparing us for a time such as this. It will take all of us to move into what’s next, and we believe it will change all of us.

We need to all look in the mirror —honestly and openly— and measure one thing: Is God getting our first and best in every area of our lives? Are we really living for Him? In His power, for his Glory? Really?

Are we living our lives for the One?

Now is the time for us to step out boldly and completely for Jesus as we commit all of ourselves to His purpose. God is calling us, individually and corporately, as His church to step into something new.

Something beyond ourselves, bigger than we can do on our own, and something with potential beyond anything we’ve ever done.

For the One is important for the Kingdom. It’s important for our city and it’s very personal for us. Our prayer is that it becomes personal for you and that it changes your life.

We can’t wait to see what God does.

Our dream for For the One is that every person at Grace would acknowledge and declare Jesus is before all things in their lives. We are calling everyone to think differently about how we view all of our lives and consider this: Is God getting the first and best of every part of us? Our thought life, our worship, our time, our finances…all of it?

Our primary objective is that everyone at Grace would engage with God and ask these hard questions of themselves before God. Then listen to His leading and do what He says.

Of the $20 million, For the One will invest $13 million into our regular general budget over two years sustaining and growing existing ministries to accomplish our mission of moving people toward Jesus and each other.

This amount includes $11 million over two years to cover our current budget, plus an additional $2 million to invest in growth in mission and impact. Part of this additional vision includes leadership development and planning for neighborhood churches that we will launch as God leads. The purpose of these churches is twofold. They will provide more reach for the DNA of Grace Church to continue to point people to Jesus all through the valley, and they provide a growth engine for Grace. (Currently we are near capacity at our current campus due parking limitations.)


For the One will also invest $7 million into tackling the problem of mental health in our city.

In researching the greatest needs in our area, the underlying issue of mental health stood out. It is an enormous, far-reaching need. In fact, in 2022, Mental Health America did a study that ranked Nevada dead last among all the states in mental health services and function. This year’s numbers show we are improving and now have an overall ranking of 29th. Still, there is much work to be done. God has called us to that work. To help people who struggle with their mental health. We will help serve them in two ways:



In addition to building teams to provide more biblical counseling on campus, we will resource and fund For the One Counseling with licensed and pre-licensed professional practitioners who believe in the saving grace of Jesus. This will be our first gift to the community. We will serve people both inside and outside the church. Our plan is to launch the center in mid 2024.



We will support and partner with other agencies who are fighting mental health problems with boots on the ground. As with HopeFirst, we will consider whoever God brings, consider their stability and impact in the city, and support as God leads.

Make Your Commitment Today

Be a part of the 100% engagement by making a two-year commitment to For the One. God has called Grace to something bigger than what we could do by ourselves. For the One who created us. For the ones He’s calling us to reach.